Cookilicious Kitchen Stories case study

How Poise created a weekly podcast from blog posts

A recipe for success

Priya Lakshminarayan is a recipe developer, food photographer, and creative writer. She is the face of Cookilicious, a vegetarian and vegan food blog that provides delicious family recipes and engaging anecdotes from Priya’s life.

There are plenty of cooking blogs out there, but Cookilicious takes its readers on imaginative journeys. With all that storytelling content, it seemed only natural to take the next step and make it available as a podcast!

"I've been thinking about breaking into the ‘audio’ space for a while... I knew how to make my blog posts look good by adding beautiful photos and useful write-ups - but I had no idea on how to create audio versions of my blog posts so I could cater to the podcast listening..."

Beyond her blog, Priya also shares her content on YouTube, hosts live cooking shows, and engages fans on social media. Drawing from this experience, Priya knew it would take persistence to make a podcast work & has now been creating podcasts from her blog posts for four months.

Addressing questions and concerns

In adapting her blog into podcasts, Priya’s main goals were to engage her audience in a fresh new way, and to gain exposure for her brand.

Like many content creators, Priya was eager to explore new territory but also had some concerns.

  1. 1 Wasn’t quite sure how her content would translate as audio. Her writing certainly resonates with her readers, but she wondered whether they would be interested in listening.
  2. 2 Wanted to make sure that a podcast would be a positive addition to her brand, as well as an active source of revenue.
  3. 3 Worried that the narrator might struggle with the pronunciation of Indian names in her writing, which would sound disconnected from the source material.

After all, Priya has worked hard to build her brand, and it’s vital that every aspect of this should reflect the quality and personality her audience has come to love.

Poise made sure to address each concern individually and aims to be as responsive and helpful as possible throughout the whole process. We regularly share ideas and tips, and listen to her needs, making for a truly collaborative experience that’s straightforward for Priya.

Achieving goals through collaboration & communication

Through clear communication and strong project planning we make sure Priya’s podcast meets her goals.

Our professional narrators elevate the material with skill, translating the warm, personable vibe of each blog post into an engaging podcast.

In order to make sure all words are pronounced correctly, Priya sends us phone recordings that help the narrators nail each one.

While we do offer editing services, Priya, as a creative writer, chose to do the editing herself. In preparing the blog posts for podcasting, she combines them, and edits them down into a script for the episode.

Priya says that it’s helpful to do this, because she is able to rework her blog posts as she goes, and finds ways to improve older ones.

Poise designed the podcast’s cover artwork, making sure to reflect Priya’s brand.

We scripted and produced an intro for her show using a modern licensed soundtrack.

As with all the podcasts Poise creates, unlimited hosting is included for free.

Priya regularly checks on her analytics to better understand her audience.

Cookilcisous Kitchen Stories is now available and easy to find on every podcast player out there.

Poise’s most impactful benefits

“Poise has been instrumental in making sure the podcast appears on all the popular platforms.”

We have helped Priya understand the many ways she can monetize her podcast, as well as how she can best promote it to reach a new audience.

We evaluate her podcast in an ongoing collaboration, paying attention to anything her listeners might be asking for. We have the freedom to experiment with the format, trying out different lengths and release schedules, in order to find the perfect balance for her audience.

The final product

Priya now has exactly what she was hoping for: an exciting new way to engage with her existing audience, and the opportunity to introduce her content to even more people.

“From the podcast artwork, to proof-reading my podcast drafts and providing feedback, (Poise) has been there every step of the way.”

We have created a podcast that showcases her work in a great-sounding narration. It goes live every week, with each episode being roughly 13-15 minutes long.

We showed Priya how she could embed the podcast right on her blog, so her already-existing audience can access it with ease.

Cookilicious Kitchen Stories can also be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, which means a lot of exposure and bringing in new listeners.

Not only that, but working with Poise has also given her a thorough and efficient education on how best to market and profit from her own content.

Priya is very happy with all that she’s gotten out of working with Poise, and we love helping her take her content to the next level.

“I'm very satisfied with Poise and their ability to take my blog content and convert it into quality podcasts. I look forward to continued collaboration with them. Thank you Andrew and Poise!”

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